Leta is taking a step towards the Green Future!

Leta at the core of our principles and values ​​as a company lies sustainability. With awareness of our environmental and social responsibility, we consider environmental protection, economic development, and social progress as components in all our activities.

We act consciously in generating clean energy and ensuring energy efficiency, utilizing a solar panel system (solar PV installation) in our factory with the aim of producing our energy from renewable sources.

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Leta Factory

Green Choices, Brighter Tomorrows | Sustainability

We consider energy conservation and efficiency at every stage, starting from our production processes. While processing forest products, we aim to preserve forest resources and leave a solid legacy for future generations by adhering to sustainable forestry principles.

We take care to use eco-friendly technologies in our production processes, opting for modern and energy-efficient machinery. By efficiently using energy and resources, we minimize our negative impact on the environment. In line with this, we emphasize waste management and recycling, ensuring that waste is disposed of without harming nature.

Sustainable Energy for the World and Life Solutions

To reduce our carbon footprint, we also prefer eco-friendly methods in the distribution phase. By using environmentally friendly materials in our product packaging and transportation methods, we aim to leave our customers and society with a cleaner future.

Additionally, within our supply chain, we adhere to sustainability principles and expect our collaborating suppliers to embrace similar values.

We take significant measures regarding the health and safety of our employees, striving to improve working conditions and maintain high occupational health and safety standards. Through training and awareness programs for our employees, we contribute to the spread of a culture of sustainability within the company.

By sharing the importance we place on sustainability with all our stakeholders, in the business world sustainability We aim to lead the increase in awareness by sharing our commitment to sustainability with all stakeholders. In line with this, we manage our activities transparently and accountably. We continue to support relevant institutions in the fight against global climate change and in efforts to sequester carbon released into nature.

We operate with sustainability principles, being sensitive to the environment and society, aiming to leave a more livable world for future generations. About projects we are working on it.